Power Quality

Power quality (PQ) aspects comprise the full range of electrical generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy to local end-users. Due to the large numbers of players involved and a variety of definitions and requirements, the subject of power quality sometimes seems to be complex.

Services provided by Lambda Engineering are:

  • Measurement of power quality parameters such as voltage dips and interruptions, harmonics and interharmonics, overvoltages, voltage variations and fluctuations, unbalance etc. Multiple power quality analysers are available to carry out simultaneous measurements. Power quality parameters can be assessed against applicable standards, such as EN 50160, at the point of common coupling (PCC).
  • Determination of harmonic distortion issues and effects on electrical equipment and engineering support for harmonic distortion reduction measures.
  • Determination of synchronising and parallel operation aspects of redundant power supplies with multiple generators.
  • PQ measurements under various generation and load conditions for offshore applications such as vessels with electrical propulsion systems under a DP (Dynamic Positioning) certification regime.
  • Low frequency stray current effects associated with the distribution system (e.g. TN-C) or with parallel operation of generators and/or transformers with multiple starpoint earthing.

Measurement reports do not provide an endless listing of PQ parameters, but a clear summary of relevant PQ aspects, together with conclusions and recommendations.

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