Lambda Engineering organises in-company EMC training for industrial companies in the field of chemicals, oil and gas, food processing etc. The objective of the training is to provide your design and maintenance engineers the skills to understand and implement essential EMC installation measures.

Depending on the disciplines involved, the width and depth of the required knowledge, the training duration can range between half a day to four days. The EMC training emphasises practical aspects and therefore contains interactive workshops and EMC demonstrations of typical industrial installations, where possible. The best way to teach is to show practical EMC aspects. This includes installation practices of variable speed drives, switches and relays, cable shielding and bonding, EM zoning, but also background practical demonstrations of inductance and coupling effects between wiring and cabling.

Depending on the available time, syndicate exercises are an option to go through the more detailed design of earthing and cabling of a plant.

Lambda Engineering develops specific EMC training material and demonstrations on request.

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