A large variety of measurement equipment and techniques is available, both in the time domain as in the frequency domain, to identify EMI problems or to check the EMC properties of your system, such as:

  • High frequency common mode current measurements to verify emission levels of power electronic devices such as variable speed drives and UPS systems and coupling through shared power supplies and parallel cables to sensitive control equipment.
  • Assessment of emission and immunity levels of electrical and electronic equipment against the EMC requirements as per commonly used residential and industrial standards. Lambda Engineering is not equipped to carry out full compliance emission and immunity tests in accordance with the EMC Directive 2004/108/EC. Notified Bodies in the Netherlands to carry out such full compliance measurements as a basis for CE marking can be found on
  • EMC measurements to verify suitability of installation practices as per IEC 61000-5-2, e.g. termination techniques of screened cables, effectiveness of shielded cable trays, layout of equipment enclosures etc.
  • EM site surveys for determination of EM environment and influence of co-located installations, e.g. low frequency magnetic field and induced current from HV overhead lines, high frequency EM fields from broadcasting transmitters, electrical trains, etc.
  • Measurement of effectiveness of attenuation of dedicated Faraday cages, shielded equipment rooms, concrete reinforced buildings etc.
  • Assessment of low frequency and high frequency stray currents through installations, including the effects of mechanical damage (e.g. bearings), dielectric effects (motor windings) and corrosion (impairment of gaskets, galvanic corrosion).

Measurements results are presented in a clear measurement report together with conclusions and recommendations and further guidance on required improvements.

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