EMC First Aid

If you experience malfunction of control equipment such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's), disruptions or delays on data communication networks or spurious trips or damage of electrical equipment, electromagnetic interference can be a potential cause of the problem.

Emission or immunity levels of individual equipment (as per the standards) may not be in line with the EM level of the systems operational environment or the installation practice may be compromised in terms of cable shielding and segregation.

By conducting on site measurements, interference sources, susceptible devices and dominant coupling effects between source and victim can be identified and EMC rectification measures be determined, even for very large and complex installations.

Prior to any trouble shooting work, we provide a proposal with a clear step-by step approach. On the basis of 20 years of experience in the field of EMI trouble shooting in large installations, investigations can be carried out against a fixed rate for the majority of cases.

Measurement results, findings, conclusions and recommended actions for EMC improvement are summarised in a clear report. In case the problem is not related to a lack of EMC, you may expect further guidance on the identification of other environmental effects (e.g. mechanical, thermal, pollution etc.).

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