Lightning protection

Lightning is an interesting atmospheric discharge phenomenon from a physics point of view, but it can have very negative consequences where the magnetic induction effect in cables and the resulting disruption and damage of electronic systems is concerned.

By following a consistent installation approach, these systems can be effectively protected against the induction effects of lightning. Lambda Engineering can assist with the implementation of this approach with the following steps:

  • Engineering of earthing layout consisting of an earth grid, parallel earthing conductors, but also natural components of lightning protections such as steel structures, reinforcement of concrete structures, cable trays and ladders etc. The concept is based on maintaining a low transfer impedance path between the point of lightning discharge and sensitive devices to be protected.
  • Implementation of a lightning protection zoning (LPZ) approach, similar to the generic electromagnetic zoning concept for EMC, whereby LPZ barriers are determined and minimum requirements for EMC measures at each zone transition are provided. This concept has proven to provide optimum protection against minimum investment, regardless the size of the facility.
  • In case of lightning protection issues in existing installations, induced voltages, damaged equipment , equipment immunity, lightning exposure are being assessed to identify the weak spots of the installation.
  • Verification of effectiveness of lightning protection e.g. by pulse injection and measurements.
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