EMC management

Lambda Engineering supports industrial plant owners, facility managers and electrical contractors to implement and maintain an adequate level of EMC for their facilities. Services provided in the past include full EMC studies in oil and gas projects, preparation of EMC plans for renovation of industrial systems, planning of EMC strategies during various project phases and advice on EMC legislation aspects for new and existing installations.

Daily practice teaches that EMC is not exclusively a technical subject but also per definition a matter of correct organisation of technical information over time. This is particularly the case for new and large projects when tender procedures are followed and the number of (sub)contractors, who are responsible for actual implementation of EMC measures, is very large.

In this situation, an EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning) approach can be followed, distinguishing the required EMC steps for each project phase, whereby the EMC plan clearly describes who is doing what and when.

The final objective is to find the simplest approach and use the simplest set of documents in order to manage the EMC aspects of the project and obtain the optimum EMC value for money.

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